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Visualized Network with D3.js

Information visualization was not easy on web before D3.js came out. This visualization is just trying to test D3.js with the data from UCI Network Data Repository. Data is about the co-purchasing of Books about US Politics on Amazon. The original data represent the node as the books …

Myanmar Input Methods for Emacs

In Myanmar languages, the writing sequences and standardized storage sequences are different. The input method needs to rearrange the inputs into proper storage order. Almost nobody use the built-in input methods for Myanmar, these come with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Most people are using third-party intelligent input methods …

Somewhere Down the Orchard Road

Somewhere Down the Orchard Road

Freddy Sensei’s 50th Anniversary of Aikido

How many Aikidokas will have a chance to celebrate 50th anniversary of Aikido? It is a mysterious journey that is depending on courage, passion and health. I was very lucky to join the celebration of Sensei’s 50th Anniversary of Aikido.

Freddy Sensei's 50th Anniversary of Aikido

PHP-FPM & HTTP Headers

Apache 2.4 is dropping the HTTP Header names with special characters for some security reasons. The header names with underscore character are also included in dropped headers. Some of my apps are suffering with this. Even for the security reason, it is needed to support the existing apps for …