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Myanmar Input Methods for Emacs

In Myanmar languages, the writing sequences and standardized storage sequences are different. The input method needs to rearrange the inputs into proper storage order. Almost nobody use the built-in input methods for Myanmar, these come with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Most people are using third-party intelligent input methods such as KeyMagic. Except the input method, Emacs currently supports Unicode and properly renders Myanmar characters. Third-party input-methods generate special characters to rearrange the inputs, these lead to the conflicts with some Emacs key bindings.

After struggling a few months with key bindings conflicts, I started to implement Myanmar Input Methods for Emacs for myself. Myanmar Input Methods for Emacs allows to input Myanmar in writing sequences and to free from operating system dependent input methods. Initially, Myanmar3 and MyanSan keyboard layouts are available for Burmese and layouts for other ethnic languages such as Shan will be added in further implementations.


Add to .emacs

(require 'input-method-name)
(set-input-method 'input-method-name)


  • Yunghkio Layout is available for Shan