Ye Lin Kyaw Random Thoughts

Tweet from Vim

Some of the busy weeks, I can access text only terminal and not enough time to check mobile. It makes me as feeling lonely and isolated from outside. I found TwitVim that is a twitter plugin for Vim. It helps me relief from social network isolation. TwitVim can be setup easily and software requirements are acceptable for me. Vim compiled with Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl or Vim + openssl will be needed to use TwitVim. If the URL from the tweet will be needed to launch with proper browser, the twitvim_browser_cmd will be needed to set in vimrc. The configured browser will be used launching URL from Tweet or asking OAuth authentication. TwitVim is efficiently using Vim such as post the current line, post the current buffer and a few URL shortening commands. Now I can be found on Twitter even I am struggling with servers.