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WP-MathJax Plugin

In the last few years, rendering the mathematical equations are nightmares on the web. There was only one solution, rasterizing the equation on server-side and showing the images. And the mathematical equation standard was also not clear, most of the engineering publications are using TeX and W3C has MathML, markup standard for representing the mathematical equations. MathJax is starting popular between engineering environment, IEEE and Elsevier become MathJax’s partners.

I found a few MathJax plugins for WordPress. But I tired to create another Plugin for MathJax. Intended to install the local MathJax within the plugin’s directory, the MathJax library is not small and most of the installation fail with low memory PHP configuration. So the plugin has been temporarily changed back with MathJax CDN. Still finding a time and better way to install local MathJax library from Plugin’s configuration settings.


J_\alpha(x) = \sum\limits_{m=0}^\infty \frac{(-1)^m}{m! \, \Gamma(m + \alpha + 1)}{\left({\frac{x}{2}}\right)}^{2 m + \alpha}


$$J_\alpha(x) = \sum\limits_{m=0}^\infty \frac{(-1)^m}{m! \, \Gamma(m + \alpha + 1)}{\left({\frac{x}{2}}\right)}^{2 m + \alpha}$$